Inspiring Architectural Marvels

Inspiring Architectural Marvels for Architecture Student


The art and science of designing and structures of the buildings are known as architectural marvels. We can see lots of inspiring architectural marvels around the world. These architectural marvels are in the form of temples and pyramids. Some architectures have shown their skills and abilities by creating intriguing buildings. If you are studying architecture, you must know about these architectural marvels. These architectural marvels will inspire the students. After getting inspiration from these architectural marvels, students will be intrigued to create models of intriguing buildings. Here, a dissertation help firm will discuss inspiring architectural marvels for architecture students.

The Alhambra, Spain:

It is located in the west of the city of Granada, Spain. It is located at the Sabika hill. At this hill, you can get the strategic view of the city Granada. The most interesting thing about this inspiring architectural marvel is that it is irregular in shape. It is also surrounded by defensive walls. It is located in the 26 acres. It has more than a mile wall. 30 towers of this building increase the beauty of this architectural marvel. The numerous small structures of this building also increase its beauty. As it is located at the Sabika hill, therefore, this thing also enhances its beauty. As we have discussed earlier that there are numerous smaller structures of this building. Patio of the Lions is the most famous structure of this building. It was not constructed during the reign of a single ruler.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai:

It is a five-star luxurious hotel. It is located in one of the world’s most famous city Dubai. It is also known as one of the tallest hotels in the world. The most interesting and inspiring aspect of this building is that it located on the artificial island. The shape of this hotel is just like a sail of a ship. It means that it has a unique shape. Engineers created a ground layer of rocks in the sea for this hotel. To reclaim the land of this hotel from the sea, the engineers have to work for three years. This hotel is providing lots of luxurious facilities to the residents like a private helicopter and private beach etc.

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Meenakshi Temple, India:

It is a historical temple in India. This historical temple is located at the southern bank of the Vaigai River. It is located in the Madurai. Madurai is known as the temple city and it is the most famous city of Tamil Nadu state. It is also known as one of the most ancient temples in the world. Its reason is that it was built in 1190-1216 CE. It was built during the reign of Kulasekara Pandya. After that, this temple was rebuilt by different rulers during the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Masjid-I-Imam, Iran:

As we know that Iran is known in the world due to Islamic history. Therefore, there are lots of Islamic historical places in Iran. In Iran, there are lots of famous mosques. According to visitors, if you have to visit mosques in Iran, you should visit Masjid-I-Iman at the end. Its reason is that you will never forget the beauty of this mosque throughout your life. This beautiful mosque was created in 26 years. The diverse motifs, colours and calligraphic designs of this mosque are enhancing the visitors.

Tokyo Sky Tree:

Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest tower in the world. It is also known as the second-tallest structure in the world. The construction of this tower was completed in 2012. This tallest tower of the world is showing the architectural design of the Japanese. The height of this tower is 634m. In the beginning, they have used it for the radio and television broadcasting. Now, it is surrounded by lots of high-rise buildings. Therefore, they are not using it for the radio and television broadcasting.

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National Center for the Performing Arts, China:

This is located in Beijing, China. The main beauty of this centre is in the glass-like man-made surface. It is also surrounded by the lake. It was built in 2008 for the Summer Olympics. It is also known as the largest theatre complex in Asia. The appearance of this centre is semi-spherical. The length of this centre is 212.20 meters and it is built in the east-western direction. The total construction area of this centre is almost 165,000 squares meters. The total height of this centre is 46.285 meters. In the construction of this building, they have spent 3.065 billion yuan. This hall is providing lots of facilities like Opera hall, Music hall and theatre etc.