Take Benefits from Google Scholar to Write Your Masters Dissertation


A freely accessible web search engine that indexes scholarly data of all the disciplines and formats is known as Google Scholar. Google Scholar was released in beta in 2004. Some essential kinds of academic papers and scholarly articles that are published on Google Scholar are peer-reviewed academic journals, peer-reviewed books, research papers, technical reports and scholarly literature etc. There are lots of benefits of Google Scholar for students. Its reason is that Google Scholar is a great source to avail information about the research topic. While writing a master’s dissertation, you can get help from Google Scholar in the following ways;

Use citations to conduct backward searches

No doubt, there are lots of scholarly articles and research papers are available on Google Scholar. You can get a wide list of these articles and research papers just with the help of a single click. All the scholarly articles and research papers have used resources from where they have gathered the data. Google Scholar also allows the students to explore these resources in order to get an idea either information used in these resources is authentic or not. After exploration, if you think that these resources contain authentic information, you can easily use these resources in your master’s dissertation.

Stay organized and avoid redundant efforts with libraries

While writing a master’s dissertation, you will have to gather data from various resources. Now, the problem for students is that after finding these resources, they don’t know how to keep a record of these resources. For this reason, Google Scholar is also helpful for students. Its reason is that Google Scholar allows the students to create libraries and try to save search results into these libraries. You can create libraries for each category. After creating each library, you can save similar links in these libraries.

Click related articles to expand your sources

Another benefit of Google Scholar is that it also provides some relevant search results to students. For example, if you have found that this particular research paper or scholarly article is relevant to the main theme of your topic, it will also suggest some other articles and research papers that are relevant to selected article or research papers. It means that Google Scholar is the best resource for students to find relevant content. Moreover, it is also the best resource for students to add plenty of authentic resources in master’s dissertation.

Organize and automate your citations

It is also a fact that after gathering data from these sources, it is also necessary for students to provide references to these resources in the bibliography section of the master’s dissertation. To prepare a bibliography page is also a real drag for students. Students can also get help from Google Scholar in this regard. Its reason is that with the help of Google Scholar, it is easy for students to automate the citation process. For this reason, you just need to click on the citation button that is available in the form of double commas at the end of each scholarly article and research paper. After clicking on it, a new window will open and you can easily select your citation style like APA, MLA or Chicago etc.