Be Aware of These Mistakes in Writing That Most of the People Do


For effective communication, writing skills of a person should be impressive. Its reason is that these writing skills are helpful for us to communicate our message with clarity and ease to the audience. While writing something, you will have to keep in mind some essential qualities of good writing like good writing anticipates reader’s questions, good writing is grounded in data, good writing is just like good teaching and good writing is just like math etc. While writing something, people also make some mistakes. You should be aware of these mistakes in writing that most people do. These mistakes are given below;

Incorrect verb forms

The use of regular verb forms is an easy concept for the writers but the use of irregular verb forms is a difficult concept to understand not only for non-native speakers but also for native speakers. While writing an academic paper, if you use these irregular verb forms incorrectly, it will affect the quality of your academic paper. For example, there are some people who write ‘I done work’ instead of ‘I did work’.

Subject-verb disagreement

In the English language, you will have to take care of subject-verb agreement. It means that you can’t write plural pronoun with a singular subject and vice versa. Mostly, this kind of problem occurs when students don’t look at a subject-verb agreement outside of the sentence. They don’t take care about consistency in their academic papers. Moreover, they are also unaware of the flip flops of their writing. The best way to get an idea about the subject-verb agreement of your writing is to take an overview of your academic paper outside of the sentence.

Long/Confusing run-on sentences

There are some people who try to use long sentences in their writing. These long and confusing run-on sentences can create lots of confusions in your document. Mostly, this kind of mistake happens when a writer is trying to explain the wide concept in a single sentence. The main reason behind this mistake is that writers just think about their point of views rather than a complete sense of sentences. The best way to overcome this kind of problem is to split your thought into more than one short sentence. These short sentences are also helpful for writers to save their writing task from sentence fragments.

Incorrect use of commas

Commas are a useful tool while writing an academic paper because these commas guide readers. If a writer is using these commas incorrectly, he will create lots of confusions in their writing. Therefore, as a writer, you should avoid the use of too many or too few commas in your academic paper. For this reason, you should review your academic paper and try to add commas where it is necessary for you to pause. On the other hand, there are also some places where it is not necessary for you to pause. While reviewing your academic paper, you should also remove commas from these places.

Along with these mistakes, some other mistakes that people do while writing an academic paper are splitting infinitives, disorganization, improper hyphenation and dangling modifiers etc.

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