Planning for Summer Vacations? Here Are Tips for Exam Preparation


Summer vacation is a break during the academic year of school, college or university. Different students spend their summer vacations in different ways like some go out for a trip, some try to avail some essential skills during summer vacations and some spend summer vacations by taking rest at home etc. There are also some students who think that these summer vacations have provided them with an opportunity to prepare for exams. Therefore, they try to spend these summer vacations for exam preparation. Some essential tips to prepare for exams are given below;

Start an informal study club

One of the most important things that you can do during summer vacations is to read. Its reason is that strong reading skills are helpful for students to get success in almost all classes. These reading skills are also helpful for students to boost up their test scores and to improve their communication skills. For this reason, you can organize a reading competition with your fellows during the summer vacations. Moreover, you can also join a reading club and after reading the most interesting books, you can discuss these books with your friends.

Start a new exercise routine

It is a fact that exercise is really helpful for us to improve our academic success. For this reason, University of British Colombia has also conducted research. According to the results of this research, if a student does aerobic exercise on a daily basis, he can easily increase the size of the hippocampus. Hippocampus is an essential part of the brain that takes part in verbal memory and learning. For students, summer vacations are the best period to start a new exercise routine.

Write every day

In order to get success in an exam, the written communication skills of a student should be impressive. There are some students who don’t have impressive written communication skills. For them, summer vacations are the best period to improve their written communication skills. For this reason, students should try to involve themselves in the writing process on a daily basis.

Take summer classes

There are lots of high schools that allow their students to get admission in summer courses. These summer courses will be helpful for students to improve their previous grades or to take some courses in advance. If you take one or two courses of the next semester in advance, it will decrease the burden of next courses on your mind. As a result, you will complete all the academic tasks within a given interval of time.

Take an online course

Sometimes, there is a possibility that your school or college is not offering a particular course that you want to take during summer vacations. Under such a situation, you can take this course online. MOOC is the best and free resource to take online courses. No doubt, these online courses will not add any credit to your academic career but these courses will be helpful for you to learn specific courses from world’s well-known professors and try to prepare you for exams in advance. During the summer vacations, you should also try to acquire an online language course.

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