Manipulation Techniques

Manipulation Techniques That Can Be Used in the Classroom


The practice of getting harmful influence over others is known as manipulation. After using the manipulating techniques, people can attack the mental and emotional sides of the people. A person who uses the manipulating techniques is known as a manipulator. A manipulator can use these techniques for his benefits. While manipulating the people, the manipulators look for some specific signs. First, they look at your weaknesses and try to exploit these weaknesses. Secondly, they try to use your insecurities against you. Thirdly, they also try to convince you that they are trying to give something important to you. You can also use various manipulation techniques in the classroom. Here, experts of coursework writing services will discuss some essential manipulation techniques that you can use in the classroom.

  • Changing The Subject:

While studying, some students don’t try to change some specific subjects. It means that the teachers fail to engage the students in the relevant issue. Under such a situation, they can use this manipulation technique. With the help of this manipulation technique, they can encourage the students to accept a relevant issue. For example, if a student is involved in bullying and you fail to stop him from bullying, you should try to use this manipulation technique. When you will use this manipulation technique, you can easily encourage them to change the subject. Moreover, teachers can also use this technique to encourage students to focus on a specific issue.

  • Guilt Tripping:

It is one of the best manipulation techniques that teachers can use to make the students feel bad for something. The teachers should try to use this technique effectively. For example, if a student fails to do something, teachers can use this manipulation technique. For this reason, the teachers use an essential technique of pity plays. With the help of this technique, the manipulator has to feel the students that they are helpless in this situation. When teachers use pity plays with the guilt-tripping, they can get the best results. Most of the manipulators also use it for good causes.

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  • Manipulative Moralizing:

School is the best place to build the moral values of the students. It is a fact that along with some good students, there are also some bad students. It is easy for the students to build the moral values of the good students. Its reason is that they pay attention to the class. On the other hand, the teachers have to face some problems while building the moral values of the bad students. If they fail to manipulate the moral values of the bad students, they can use this manipulating technique. When you will use this technique, you can easily make the target feel guilty.

  • Shame Attacks:

If a teacher fails to build the moral values of the students by using manipulative moralizing, they can use this technique. This technique will also be helpful for the students to build their high powered morals. With the help of the ‘Shame Attacks’, you should tell the students that with the help of bad morals, you can destroy the reputation and livelihood of the other people. Moreover, by using these bad morals, you are also destroying your moral values. That’s why you should try to adopt good moral values.

  • Compassion Technique:

Sometimes, the students have to come across with emotional and sensitive individuals. To enhance the emotional intelligence of these people, you can use this technique. No doubt, it is an easy technique to apply to the students but you should be very careful while applying this technique. While applying this technique, you will have to encourage people to learn this specific skill. It is possible only if you will apply the filter between truth and lie. Before applying this manipulation technique, you should also keep in mind the authentic behaviour of the individuals.

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  • Manipulation Of Language:

The main interact of this kind of manipulation technique is on the wording and body language of a person. At the school level, the teachers should try to build up the confidence level of the students. The words and body language of a student play a vital role in building up his confidence level. Some students fail to build up their confidence level because they can’t speak the words properly. Moreover, their body language is not appropriate. By using the technique of manipulation of language, you can also enhance his confidence level. These are the best techniques that you can use in the classroom. Anyhow, you should be very careful while using these manipulation techniques.