Setting up LinkedIn Profile

Setting up LinkedIn Profile Perfectly to Get a Job


LinkedIn is a social networking site that offers professionals to make a connection, to stay in the business community and to keep setting higher goals and remain persistent to achieve them. Many of the LinkedIn users believe that the professional networking tool is a crucial element in their success. Its effectiveness is also evident from the fact that about 87 percent of the recruiters use this site to find job candidates.

The first step to success is creating a perfect LinkedIn profile that is both professional and marketable. This article will focus on the steps that would help you to create a stellar profile, search for the right connections, using the platform effectively and to create a profile that has to offer something new. So let cheap dissertation writing services tell how we can use LinkedIn appropriately to get most of its benefits.

LinkedIn Profile

Add your current email address to your LinkedIn profile so that you may often check the receipt of connections requests, message and more. Addition of a phone number provides opportunities to connect to potential employers. You can also provide LinkedIn access to your email contact list so that it can add various contacts to your account. When filling out demographic information, you may be asked about your current employment status. Those who don’t have a job might put phrases that would showcase their positive thinking and optimistic approach.


Here you have to make a choice between a basic LinkedIn experience, which is free of cost, or the premium option which is operated by paying a fee. A premium option has more features with respect to the basic one. You can choose from several other options within the premium option. Each one of them varies in prices and has different benefits. While choosing the account type first consider your intended use, it will help you to decide between various options.

Profile Picture

Add a professional picture to your profile. Experts of dissertation writing services believe that by adding a high-quality photograph the view count increases up to 21 times. Thus to show your serious attitude put a photo that looks more professional as it would bring more chances of success.

Highlight your Experience

This is the gist of your profile. When listing your experience try to highlight the things you can do. In this regard, you can add a resume or add each position manually. You can start with importing a resume and then modify each position by adding more information to the content of the resume. While talking about experience start with the most current one and then elaborate it.


Enlist at least five to six skills; the more the skills the better your profile would be. You can add up to 50 skills in a profile. Try to add more skills as it is recorded that the individuals who have more skills on their profile are contacted more often by recruiters and other LinkedIn members. Highlight your proficiency and expertise in your basic skills. The skills mentioned in your profile would connect you with the recruiters and other members, so it is important to identify your major skills.

Educational Qualification

When including educational qualification, make sure that you have included all the schools that you attended. This will make it easier for you to connect with your old classmates and alumni groups etc. In addition to that, you can also include various training seminars or any certificates that you have earned in the relevant field.


Now when you have provided all the basic information write a concise summary. Keep it simple and precise. Make it up to 50 words. In three to four short sentences provide an overview of your profile. Talk about your specialities, experiences and do not forget to mention your goals.

The Headline

It will show up right beside your name on your LinkedIn profile so try to make a great first impression through your headline. Make it captivating and powerful with a wide selection of vocabulary so that connections might want to know more about you when looking at the headline.

Editing and Proofreading

Now that you have completed your profile overview it again to find out if there is some information missing or you may have inserted wrong information. Check it thoroughly and look for the mistakes regarding grammar or other typing mistakes. When you have checked the profile you can drop one of the paragraphs into an online checker to look up for any mistakes that you have missed. You can also ask another person or a service like editing & proofreading service to go through it to provide help regarding organization and structure.

Start Networking

Networking is the key to a professional site like LinkedIn. Make connections with the recruiters and other individuals of a similar field. At the end updating your profile and posting content relevant to your field is also a crucial step in setting up a perfect LinkedIn profile. Make your efforts to keep up with the pace of changing requirements of the modern world and find ways to look for opportunities in the modern world with wise planning and skills.